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Clash Of Clans Gamers Guide

Date Added: August 12, 2015 06:25:05 PM
Author: Velva McCourt
Category: News & Media: News for Kids
Getting StartedBuilding your very own village! Defending your resources and honor! Looting the Noobs! And much more! This is a FAQ for Sons of Anarchy2 and other Clash of Clans players that hope to improve their gameplay. This Lens is not supported by Supercell and does not share in the opinions or thoughts of the games creator. Get the App! Clash Of Clans Appstore Clash of Clans App The BasicsClash of Clans is a game produced by the company Supercell. The premise of this game is to build a village join a clan and then smash other players heads in for their resources they worked so hard to obtain (waiting and playing other games while the collectors do everything). So getting Started, you will find that you have a town hall that has random (useless) villagers coming from it, builders hut and some resources. Hopefully you are following the in game guide at this point and you dont need any further info. Now, you may ask how can I grow my village to a booming pinacle of Roman or Persianic might and begin ensuing havock upon the masses and that is what this lens hopes to achieve. My name is KilroyKT I am a member of the Sons of Anarchy2 Clan in clash of Clans and my goal here is to expound upon how to be a cohesive member in a clan and how to build your might without wasting time. Follow (1)Clash of Clans Game Suggestion Box - No... Only the really bad ones are burned to heat my home... 20 commentsGo to last commentanonymous 2 years ago Great write up, thanks. Really appreciate hearing thoughts on pro/cons of different units. One thing I have noticed is that wallbombers don't always seem to head in a straight line to wall, sometimes they attack a wall off to the left or right, really annoying Dfault 2 years ago Great work! You have forgot to write about breakers in the upgrade section. Kilroykt 2 years ago Hub Author @Dfault: Will do anonymous 2 years ago i need help getting trophies and my parents wont let me buy them wat do i do anonymous 2 years ago i ment i need help getting gems sorry for confusion anonymous 2 years ago If u don't buy gems u will fail in this game I want to decrease the use of gems and decrease time of building anonymous 2 years ago Can some people join my clan? It's called frozen warriors and I really need help!! My name in the game is called subzero anonymous 2 years ago Guys join my clan it's called operation PEKKA anonymous 2 years ago @anonymous: No anonymous 2 years ago Please i beg of you that you add just one more square row vertically and diagonally!! please this is very important to my village! it would help my place out a ton! new update please make more space atleast one more row vertically and diagonally! anonymous 2 years ago actually make that four more squares... please we need more space... i feel we are limitted to nly a few shapes. please make atleast 4 more rows diagonally and vertically. im eltattoo. this is also my gamecenter anonymous 23 months ago Hi, Clash of Clans is one of my favorites, so that's why I was buying gems every day. But my friend keep telling me that he uses a hack and I should use it too. At first, I didn't believed him, but after I was left without money and got beaten, I decided to use it. So this is the hack: Hope you will like it! Fernandotorresf 23 months ago Advertising a clan of which I am a member, the Coalition. We have 50 members at the current time but all that want to join can add my gamecentre and I will talk to the leader; Zac-attack011198. If you also have Fifa 13 on your iPone/iPad/iPod, I have a lens under construction on it. I will notify when it is done. Have a look at our clan, 18300 trophies, lvl 75+ lvl 5-6 archers only anonymous 23 months ago What happens if your the leader of a clan and you leave your clan? anonymous 22 months ago Why do I get banned from clash of clans when I didn't do anything? anonymous 21 months ago They should really make like a clanVSclan tournament. Where clans compete for rewards if they achieve a number if victories. The gens rewards that they have now are only going to go to the big spenders where if they give the other players a chance to get gems they mught get encouraged to buy more after they get a taste for them. The tournament should match clans based on either total trophies and or overall level of the members. If you loved this post and you want to receive more information regarding Clash of Clans Cheats please visit our web site.